Mum Beats 133,000-To-1 Odds To Have Three Babies On Same Day In Different Years

A mum-of-four has deified odds of at least 133,000-to-one to give birth to three of her children on the same day, years apart. Katie arnett, 32, unexpectedly gave birth to son alexander Bernard on the landing of her home. The baby boy’s arrival means he shares his birthday with two of his older sisters, Iris Ellen, eight, and Eada Rose, two.

In 2008, another family achieved the same feat and was reported to have beaten odds of 133,000-to-one. However, unlike them, all three of Katie’s children born on November 16 have had natural births – so they could have beaten even higher odds. Her children were due on different dates also so she had no idea they would be born on the same day of the year. Iris was due on November 17, Eada on November 7 and alexander was expected to arrive on November 6. Alexander was born at 5am so Katie had plenty of time to spend with the children on the morning of their birthday.

Katie of Deal, Kent, said: “It’s crazy really – I wish I’d have put a bet on it now. My mum helped deliver alexander on the landing with two amazing paramedics and it was quite scary but also fantastic. He is gorgeous. He has a full head of hair and is really chilled. all of my labours have been high risk so to have him at home and for it to go well was the most incredible feeling. My eldest, Iris, had to be induced and Eada came very quickly when I had been in hospital for about 11 minutes, so I was down to have alexander at hospital. Iris, who insisted on helping, is absolutely over the moon about it but then she is used to it and has had to share her birthdays with Eada. Eada is only two and is too young to really understand it. We had a birthday celebration on the Sunday the day before while I was in labour.”

Katie’s other child alisa was born via c-section and turned four on March 22 but as to not be left out she celebrated her birthday with her sisters last year. Katie added: “I think we will probably have a joint party each year. What we did last year was just had a big birthday party for all the children. We included alisa as well as we didn’t want her to feel left out so we celebrated all of their birthdays on the same day. I made one big cake as well else we’d be eating cake for weeks but if they all want different things in the future I might have to change the plan. The girls are really happy to have a little brother but it was kind of strange for me to have a boy as I was so used to girls. The girls absolutely love him though but that’s it for kids now – four is plenty for me.”

The cord had been wrapped around alexander’s neck during the birth and Katie said she was really please with the help she received at home but that it was “really bad timing”. Sadly Katie has recently separated from her partner.

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