Couple Who Spent $96,000 They’d Saved To Buy A Use On I.V.F End Up Having Four Babies In Three Years

Amanda Ralls, 34, and her husband, Nathan, 35, from Orange County, California, decided to spend their deposit fund on I.V.F to have their dream family instead of buying a house. The couple, who live with Amanda’s parents, ended up having four babies in three years thanks to I.V.F treatment and are so happy that their family is now complete.

Amanda said: ” At the start of our infertility journey, my husband said to me that there was no point in having a home if we don’t have anyone to put in it. That was one of the most encouraging things he’s ever said to me. And so we decided to go full steam ahead with the treatment. Having a beautiful home is one thing, but to me, having kids is more important.” In total, it has cost them around $96,000. Since beginning her I.V.F journey, Amanda has welcomed four children in three years. She now has anderson, aged four, Penelope, aged two, and one-year-old twin boys, Finley and Foster.

After struggling to get pregnant for three years, Amanda was referred to an infertility doctor and discovered she suffered from P.C.O.S. They tried I.U.I first of all which was unsuccessful. So the doctor suggested that they should do I.V.F going forward. She said:” I was screaming, crying and panicking when I was told this. I really struggled with it all because I knew I was the reason why we weren’t getting pregnant. I blamed myself. It was devastating because as a woman it feels like one of our purposes is to carry a baby and have children. It was a real mental struggle accepting that I couldn’t do this. Going through infertility is one of the biggest challenges you can put on a marriage. It was extremely difficult but I think that because we got through it, we have an unbreakable bond that is even stronger now. My husband supported me by letting me know that he would do anything financially to give us the family we were desperate for.”

She loved being pregnant. She wish she could be pregnant every day. she just couldn’t wait to meet each of her babies. When she found out she was pregnant with twins she was ecstatic. She said to Nathan that they were going to have a football team.

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