Baby Flamingo Tries To Act Like An Adult, Instead Becomes An Internet Sensation

Many kids love playing dress-up in their parents’ clothes and pretending that they’re a grown-up. It turns out, it’s not just human kids who do this. As this flamingo shows, baby animals enjoy pretending to be adults too!

This adorable flamingo was born on June 25th, 2017 at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh. The National Aviary put a photo of the flamingo on their Facebook page, and it quickly spread across the internet.

A sweet photo of the 4-day-old flamingo was posted on Facebook with the caption: “National Aviary staff and visitors can’t stop ooh’ing and ahhh’ing over this little one!”

The sweet tiny bird was caught on camera while desperately trying to be an adult, but as it turns out, that job is far from easy. Though the cute baby flamingo fails on its goal, the interned reward it with a worldwide fame.

The sweet baby is trying to stand on one leg, just like his adult friends, but it doesn’t seem like things are going well.

“We all go through an ‘awkward stage,’” Nation Aviary staff Robin Weber said. and flamingos are no different! ”

“Growing up is hard, but be persistent like a baby flamingo! You got it!”

As the flamingo quickly learned, adulting is hard work. All of the daily tasks of adult life can really wear you out. Sometimes, being an adult is so tiring, you just need to lay down and take a midday nap.

The little flamingo who became a social media star will soon have many friends to play with. We’re sure the oldest flamingo will teach all the younger ones everything it’s learned about adulting!

The photos of this baby flamingo prove that baby animals trying to do adult things is always adorable. This little flamingo is prepared for everything adult life will throw at it.

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