Stray Cat Becomes Best Friends With A Girl In A Wheelchair

Stray Cat Becomes Best Friends With A Girl In A Wheelchair

Cat Man Chris, the Crazy Cat Guy, dedicates his life to helping stray and feral cats but when he helped this abandoned kitty, he unknowingly would be helping a little girl in a wheelchair.

It all started when he was feeding a colony of feral cats. A pretty white cat with blue eyes showed up hungry. The cat didn’t seem to be the typical feral cat so Chris assumed it had been abandoned by some people living in the apartments nearby. The cat began to show up more often so Chris tried to befriend it. He fed the hungry kitty and even brought it catnip, which the cat really loved.

Over the weeks, the kitty slowly warmed up to his food provider and became increasingly talkative as he lowered his guard. When the cat realizes that his friend has good intentions, it moves closer to him and allows Chris to pet him. “Then an even bigger breakthrough came when I introduced him to catnip and silver vine,” Chris shared. “He would roll around and let me pet his belly and generally have a good time.”

In this way, Chris understood that the feline wanted to belong to a home and decided to seek help from an animal ʀᴇsᴄᴜᴇ center to get him a house. With the help of his social media friends, they named the cat “Silver Sinatra Poole”, or Sinatra for the time being. He took the cat to the Suncoast Animal League (in Palm Harbor, Florida) for a checkup and hoped they could find a good home for Sinatra.

After having Sinatra for about a week, Larissa, a Animal League volunteer reached out to Lori Griggs who was at the shelter with her daughter, Kiley, a few months ago. “They explained the troubles that they have had finding a cat, and I was determined to get them the right cat.”

They immediately reached out to Lori and told her they may have an adoption option for the family. Trying to remain realistic, they wasted no time in setting up a visit. And when they opened the door, Sinatra fearlessly strolled up to Kiley and her wheelchair. Without a second thought, the white cat simply jumped up onto her lap and chose his human. With open mouths and tears all around, the family knew he was exactly what they’d been looking for. Sinatra was not meant to be with anyone other than Kiley.

The two instantly connected. Sinatra rubbed against Kiley and put the biggest smile on her face. He wasn’t the least bit concerned about the wheelchair, and would sit comfortably on his human’s lap, purring away. Sinatra is now a full-time lap cat. As soon as Kiley wakes up in the morning, he’s there ready to love and to be loved. Kiley had found her soul mate and those sᴏᴜʟs will never be apart again.  So thank you to ALL the sᴏᴜʟs that were involved in bringing these two fated hearts together!

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